ISBN-13 : 978-3030652289

The Rules of Radiology

by Paul McCoubrie (Author)

This book gets to the heart of what radiology is and what radiologists do. As a relatively young speciality, there is no guide for radiologists to act as a moral compass. Until now, that is. You will not find any dry technical matters in here. You will not find any clues about how to interpret images better. This book details the ‘other 50%’: the rest of the working week when a radiologist is not reading scans or performing procedures.

The essence of radiology is distilled and offered up to the reader. If you want a comfortable read that offers bland reassurances, look elsewhere. If you want a book that questions everything and discusses uncomfortable truths, this is the book for you. Each of the Rules addresses an important part of professional practice.  This book is a manifesto for all radiologists across the globe to raise their game, to be more effective and to serve their patients better.