ISBN-13: 978-1607415848

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Disorders of the Lower Genito Urinary Tract) 1st Edition

by A. R. Markos (Author)

The worldwide prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is a cause of concern for the public and health organisations. Young age of sexual debut, breakdown of relationships, travel, mobility, relationship explorations, social instability, between other socio-economic factors, contribute to the loss monogamous sexual relationships. The resultant multiplicity of sexual relationships predispose to STIs. The Sexually Transmitted Infections book provides an overall practical account for the benefit of generalists and Primary Care physicians, who would encounter the patients’ problems first. The emphasis on clinical issues, drawing from the author’s 30 years of progressive clinical experience in Primary Care, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Venereology, share expertise with those intending to specialise. Patients who wish to acquire unbiased in depth knowledge about sexually transmitted infections, will find answers to their questions. Many of these questions were asked times and times again by patients who shared similar concerns and anxieties. The book covers a wide range of clinical practices and facilities and addresses areas of low resource settings, which will make the account relevant to developing primary health units.