ISBN-13: 978-3540197621

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS (MCQ’s…Brainscan) 1st Edition

by David Daniels (Author), Richard J. Hillman (Author), Simon E. Barton (Author), David Goldmeier (Author)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS covers all aspects of these diseases with extensive inclusion of dermatological conditions. The multiple choice questions and answers have been compiled by a highly experienced group of clinicians and researchers from two major STD/AIDS centres in the UK. These MCQs aim to help readers learn in an easy, effective and enjoyable way. The book is intended to make them think, to test themselves and check the standard of their knowledge in order to pass exams as well as to improve their clinical practice for their patients. It will be of use to all those in training in sexually transmitted diseases, doctors and nurses alike. The questions have been refined by representatives of these groups to provide interesting questions to test knowledge to different standards, whether to satisfy their own curiosity or their examiners’. It will be particularly helpful to those sitting examinations such as MRCP, MBBS, DipGUM as well as those attending specialist STD or AIDS courses.