ISBN-13: 978-1900151337

QBase Medicine Paperback with CD-ROM: Volume 1, MCQs for the MRCP, Part 1 (v. 1) Multimedia CD – May 1, 1998

by Punit Ramrakha (Author)

For the aspiring physician, Membership of the Royal College of Physicians is the requirement that opens the door into the fascinating world of medicine. For those who do not have this diploma the examinations are legendary and instil fear even in the best of doctors. But once attained, one forgets so easily. The absence of a syllabus however, presents a problem. As there is no set reading list or book from which to revise for the MRCP Part 1, one has to select the best from the many books available from various publishers. The task of choosing a suitable book is almost as difficult as revising. This publication QBase Medicine 1, comprises a book of five full MRCP Part 1 papers and a CD-ROM containing QBase Interactive MCQ Examination System. The book part of the package is not dissimilar from the others in this field in having the standard format with MCQs and explanations – but having all the necessary knowledge does not guarantee passing the MRCP Part 1. Due to the method of negative marking, not only must one be certain of one’s answers, but also have the astuteness that is required of a good physician to make educated guesses that are correct, together with the ability to be able to acknowledge one’s limitations. This is where the CD-ROM part of the package is invaluable. It has an interactive MCQ examination system that allows candidates to assess not only their knowledge but also their skill at making educated guesses. Knowing whether one is accomplished at educated guessing can make all the difference. The CD-ROM allows one to customise revision so that one can initially approach MCQs by topic and later by completing full papers. Overcoming the fear of computers in order to access the CD-ROM is worth the effort, not only for the MRCP candidate but for the busy physician as well.