ISBN-13: 978-3540008859

Principles of Deformity Correction

by Dror Paley (Author), J.E. Herzenberg (Assistant)

This CD-ROM includes the entire book, Principles of Deformity Correction, together with a completely downloadable image library. More than 1700 color figures, including illustrations, radiographs, and photographs, can be downloaded and incorporated for teaching purposes into PowerPoint presentations. This CD covers the analysis, planning, and treatment of lower limb deformities, with a view to teaching deformity correction. A foundation of understanding normal alignment is presented, using new nomenclature that is easy to remember and can even be derived without memorization. The work offers detailed information on deformities and malalignment, radiographic assessment, mechanical and anatomic axis planning, osteotomies, and hardware considerations. The methods taught are simple and intuitive and require little memorization. This CD is of equal interest to pediatric and adult orthopaedic surgeons.