ISBN: 978-81-312-4446-3

Orthodontics: Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates

by Sridhar Premkumar

This book has been accepted well as an indispensable book among dental undergraduates and dentists who need smooth transition into the field of orthodontics. The significant information presented in highly organized framework had successfully suited various educational settings be it exam preparation or understanding theoretical models or practical implications for clinical practice.

This edition is upgraded and offers more succinct content based on the enormous current knowledge available in the theory and research sector of orthodontics.

  • Satisfying the amended syllabus norms of Dental Council of India and various international universities
  • The single colour format that have been replaced with vivid colours to convey textbook structure effortlessly
  • The entire book had been grouped into 11 sections with every chapter containing optimized outline to provide a gist of what to explore
  • Numerous subsections and a thorough index that favours quick access to the readers
  • Illustrations that can be readily associated with the learned concepts for correlation, interpretation and recollection by the students
  • Tables, flowcharts and figures that are revisited, revised and refurbished
  • Additional Accessory Points as it had been relied for challenging competitive evaluations
  • A new format of “Advanced Learning” have been introduced exclusively for students with voracious interest in orthodontics