ISBN-13: 978-0312304447

One Nation Under Therapy: How the Helping Culture Is Eroding Self-Reliance Paperback – June 27, 2006

by Christina Hoff Sommers (Author),‎ Dr. Sally Satel M.D. (Author)

Americans have traditionally placed great value on self-reliance and fortitude. In recent decades, however, we have seen the rise of a therapeutic ethic that views Americans as emotionally underdeveloped, psychically frail, and requiring the ministrations of mental health professionals. Today—with a book for every ailment, a lawsuit for every grievance and a TV show for every conceivable problem—we are at risk of degrading our native ability to cope with life’s challenges.
Drawing on established science and common sense, Christina Sommers and Dr. Sally Satel reveal how “therapism” and the burgeoning trauma industry have come to pervade our lives, with a host of troubling consequences, including:

*The myth of stressed-out, homework-burdened, hyper-competitive, and depressed schoolchildren in need of therapy and medication

*The loss of moral bearings in our approach to lying, crime, and addiction

*The unasked-for “grief counselors” who descend on bereaved families, schools, and communities following a tragedy
Intelligent, provocative, and wryly amusing, One Nation Under Therapy demonstrates that “talking about” problems is no substitute for confronting them.