ISBN-13: 978-0521622165

Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition

by Peter J. Simmons (Author),‎ David Young (Author)

This new edition of Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour has been updated and expanded by Peter Simmons and David Young in order to take into account more recent advances while still maintaining the book’s accessibility to university students. The book introduces the reader to the way in which nervous systems of animals control behavior without assuming any prior knowledge of neurophysiology. Using a carefully selected series of behavior patterns, students are taken from an elementary-level introduction to a point where sufficient detail has been assimilated to allow a satisfying insight into current research on how nervous systems control and generate behavior. Only examples where it has been possible to establish a clear link between the activity of particular nerve cells and a pattern of behavior have been used. Throughout the book, important terms appear in bold type and boxes are used to highlight specific related topics. This book is essential reading for students of zoology, psychology, and physiology and serves as a clear introduction to neuroethology.