ISBN-13: 978-1771887014

Nanodispersions for Drug Delivery

by Raj K. Keservani (Editor)

This volume addresses efforts to overcome the shortcomings of conventional dosage forms by exploiting the principles of nanoscience to deliver drugs for medical treatment. Nanodispersions are an important aspect because they possess globules/particles in sizes usually below 1000 nm in which the drug is dispersed in a continuous medium employing surface-active agents as stabilizers. With chapters written by experienced scientists and researchers in the field, this volume provides an abundance of information on various aspects of nanodispersions for drug delivery. The book is divided into several sections: nanoemulsions, nanosuspensions, and diverse dispersed systems.\The chapters detail what nanodispersions have demonstrated in the past and what they are expoected to continue to do in the future as the technology further evolves.

Key features:

• Provides an overview of nanoemulsions for drug delivery

• Introduces the general principles, classification, and methods of preparation of nanoemulsion-based drug delivery systems

• Presents information relevant to specific routes of applications of nanoemulsions

• Looks at the various aspects of nanosuspensions, including their formulation components, preparation methods, unique features, methods of characterization, and applications in various routes of administration

• Explores nanomicellar approaches for drug delivery

• Discusses the preparation, applications, and clinical considerations of nanogels for drug delivery