ISBN-13: 978-2817807560

MRI Principles of the Head, Skull Base and Spine: A Clinical Approach 2003rd Edition

by J.C. Tamraz (Author), C. Outin (Author), M. Forjaz Secca (Author), B. Soussi (Author), G. Salamon (Foreword)

In this text atlas of neuroimaging the author provides a review of the pathologies and diseases that affect the head, brain, skull base, face, spine, and cord. The case presentation format of this handbook covers the important clinical and neuropathological aspects of the disease process. The book contains 350 selected pathologies, represented in 750 high resolution MR images. It also covers the aspects of neurological disorders and the fundamental aspects of the physics of magnetic resonance, spectroscopy, as well as a review of MR techniques. Given its scope, this book is of interest to radiologists involved in MR interpretation, neuroradiologists seeking an up-to-date review, and all workers in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic neurology.