ISBN-13: 978-3540195634

MRCGP (MCQ’s.Brainscan) 1st Edition

by Peter G. Elliott (Author)

This book contains 300 multiple choice questions and is equivalent to five full MRCGP examinations. However, the layout is not as five examinations, but in the 15 subjects which have been chosen as relevant to general practice by the MCQ group of the Royal College of General Practitioners Examiners. I hope that using this format of individual sections will enable the book to have a wider use than just as a crammer for the exam: it should also serve as an aid to trainers and course organisers in assessing trainees during their vocational training. The questions themselves are in the usual multiple choice style with a stem followed by five responses, which can be answered true, false or don’t know. The usual scoring method for examinations is + 1 for a true, -1 for a false and 0 for a don’t know. In keeping with the current thinking of the College MCQ group, the stems have been kept as short as possible and an attempt has been made to adhere to standard nomenclature.