ISBN-13: 978-0834216716

Modern Food Microbiology (Aspen Food Science Text Series) 6th Edition

by James M. Jay (Author)

An Aspen Food Science Text Series Book. A new, sixth edition brings benefits to professors and students alike who will find new chapters on food preservation by modified atmosphere, high pressure and pulsed electric field processing, and foodborne pathogens; additional sections covering new food regulations, fresh-cut produce, new food products, and risk assessment and analysis; and thorough updating of taxonomies, text, illustrations, and references throughout. Coverage includes: historical background; overview of microorganisms in food and what allows them to grow; specific microorganisms in fresh, fermented, and processed meats, poultry, seafood, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and other products; scientific methods for finding and measuring microorganisms and their products in foods; scientific methods for preserving foods; food safety and quality controls; foodborne diseases; and in-depth references following each chapter, appendixes, and index. A helpful Instructor’s manual is available to adopting professors.