ISBN-13: 978-3131320926

Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery 2nd edition Edition – Part – 2

by Hiroshi Sunose (Author),‎ Alessandra Russo (Author),‎ Abdelkader Taibah (Author),‎ Fernando Mancini (Author),‎ Mario Sanna (Author)

Based on more than 30 years’ experience and over 20,000 clinical cases, the second edition of Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery presents detailed surgical management strategies for the full spectrum of otologic disorders, from decision-making and preoperative considerations to descriptions of both common and complex surgical techniques. The superb schematic drawings and intraoperative images, combined with instructional text, facilitate an in-depth understanding of surgical anatomy and operative steps that is unparalleled in the literature.