ISBN-13: 978-1585622962

Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice: The P450 System (Concise Guides) 1st Edition

by Gary H. Wynn (Author)

As every healthcare provider knows, drug-drug interactions are as prevalent as they are preventable. The Clinical Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice is an exceptionally practical, thoroughly up-to-date resource to help psychiatric clinicians (including residents and nurses) understand and avoid potentially dangerous interactions and provide the highest standard of patient care. Many new medications have entered the market in recent years and knowledge of pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics has grown significantly. From earlier versions in concise guide format, the authors have evolved this new and enlarged Manual offering the expanded coverage and features that clinicians need to keep up with this critical field. Major sections cover metabolism (with new, expanded coverage of transporters); cytochrome P450 enzymes; up-to-date coverage of drug interactions by medical specialty; and practical matters, such as the medicolegal implications of drug-drug interactions and how to retrieve and review the literature. Each chapter includes extensive references and study cases to help the reader understand and contextualize the information. A summary table of drugs by specialty and their metabolic sites provides ready reference. The book s comprehensive coverage reflects the very latest research, and its user-friendly format will make it indispensable to anyone engaged in direct patient care.