ISBN-13: 978-0199797790

Just Enough Physiology (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press) 1st Edition

by James R. Munis (Author)

Launched on Oxford Medicine Online in 2012, with the full-text of eight Mayo Clinic Scientific Press (MCSP) print titles and a bank of multiple-choice questions, Mayo Clinic Toolkit provides a single location for resident, fellow, and practicing clinicians to undertake the self-testing necessary to prepare for, and pass, the Boards.
Just Enough Physiology takes the user on a guided tour of cardiopulmonary physiology. They will discover how the heart, lungs, and circulation work in extreme environments so that they are better equipped to understand how they function-or malfunction-at the bedside, in the operating room, or in the intensive care unit. Just Enough Physiologywill prepare all students and physicians-in-training for Board Exams while also teaching them how to think like a physiologist.

Highlights of The Mayo Clinic Toolkit include:

– Each title is presented in an enhanced format, allowing the enlargement and download of all figures and images, and linking to external sources referenced in the text.
– The multiple-choice questions are designed to mirror those in the Board exam for realistic preparation; they also link back to the relevant title, and allow the user to measure their development through the recording of practice-exam success.
– It can be accessed on a range of internet enabled devices, giving residents, fellows, and practicing clinicians the choice to study in locations which suit them
– Subscription lengths range from 1-month to a full year.
Combining two complimentary resource types into a single location, with enhancements to the print works, the flexibility to choose where and when to study, and the ability to monitor revision progress, Mayo Clinic Toolkit is truly the go-to site for Board preparation.