ISBN-13: 978-0470026564

Innate Immunity to Pulmonary Infection (Novartis Foundation Symposia) Hardcover – January 16, 2007

by Derek J. Chadwick (Editor),‎ Jamie A. Goode (Editor)

Lung infection is a major cause of morbidity and death in developing, as well as developed, countries. Whereas TB is receiving increasing attention, other aspects of lung infection, many treatable or preventable, are relatively neglected.

The subject of innate immunity has moved towards the centre of immunology and is key to the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and vaccination strategies. While much has been learnt about cellular and molecular mechanisms of innate resistance to infection, this has led to little application to human diseases.

The lung is a key target for environmental pathogens, as well as for opportunistic infection, and could be a fertile source of cells and clinical/pathological materials to investigate disease in a genetically varied population. Both genetic and environmental factors that determine the outcome of infection (e.g. latency of TB, blood stream invasion from local infection, local target tissue damage) are still poorly understood.

This book features contributions from some of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians working on diverse aspects of innate immunity and lung diseases.  The unique discussion sections review the state of the field and provide new insights into the key problems in this important, emerging research area.  The book provides fascinating reading for immunologists and respiratory physiologists.