ISBN-13: 978-1118274248

Haematology in Critical Care: A Practical Handbook 1st Edition

by Jecko Thachil (Author), Quentin Hill (Author)

This will be a practical handbook for use in a clinical ICUsetting for information on diagnosis and clinical management ofhaematological disease in critical care. There are currently nobooks on the market that significantly address haematology incritical care – all ICU based books have a broader focus ofdiagnosis and clinical management, rather than purely haematologybased. Common procedures/interventions for a haematologist willinclude delivering critical care, often for life-threateningdisease.

For unselected ICU admissions, every patient will have a fullblood count and the great majority will have their coagulationprofile checked. Many of these critically ill patients will haveabnormalities in these tests that require interpretation. Many morewill have clinical conditions such as thrombosis or bleeding andmay require blood products.