ISBN-13: 978-0121210427

Forensic Dental Evidence: An Investigator’s Handbook 1st Edition

by C. Michael Bowers D.D.S. J.D. (Editor)

This handbook is written for police investigators and forensic personnel who are tasked with developing investigations that require expertise in dentistry. The focus is providing the information necessary to recognize and professionally manage dental evidence. Investigators will understand the scientific nomenclature, scientific issues and the specialized forensic nature of this type of forensic investigation. The emphasis is on human identification from dental structures, the identification of people from bite marks, and the signs and significance of dental injuries present in violent crime.

Law enforcement personnel, coroners, and other death investigators often encounter crime scenes and victims that require dental expertise. Attorneys are asked to present dental evidence in court. This book delivers the backbone information for these individuals to better assess their needs in both casework and litigation. Forensic Dentistry contains numerous photographs of crime scene evidence and bite marks on victims and details for the reader the types of dental evidence and what is expected regarding collection, documentation, and the capabilities of analytical methods. This book is the first of its kind to present essential information to the field investigator in a format that allows easy reference and comprehensive detail.

* Contains previously unavailable information on digital photography and dental evidence
* Includes dozens of photos that illustrate the proper collection and preservation of evidence
* Provides desperately needed and essential information necessary to recognize, and professionally manage dental evidence