ISBN-13: 978-1118384893

Everyday Medical Ethics and Law 1st Edition

by BMA Medical Ethics Department (Author)

Everyday Medical Ethics and Law is based on the corechapters of Medical Ethics Today, focussing on the practical issuesand dilemmas common to all doctors. It includes chapters on the lawand professional guidance relating to consent, treating people wholack capacity, treating children and young people, confidentialityand health records. The title is UK-wide, covering the law andguidance in each of the four nations.
Each chapter has a uniform structure which makes it ideal for usein learning and teaching. “10 Things You Need to Know About…”introduces the key points of the topic, Setting the Scene explainswhere the issues occur in real life and why doctors need tounderstand them, and then key definitions are followed byexplanations of different scenarios. The book uses real cases toillustrate points and summary boxes to highlight key issuesthroughout.
Whilst maintaining its rigorous attention to detail, EverydayMedical Ethics and Law is an easy read reference book forbusy, practising doctors.