ISBN: 978-2-7420-0829-2

Epileptic syndromes in infancy, childhood and adolescence 5th Edition

Michelle Bureau (Author)

The first edition of this book, now better known as the Blue Guide , was published in 1984. It highlighted the various epileptic syndromes which had recently been identified. Most of these syndromes, which constituted a practical and original approach to epilepsy, were subsequently integrated into the international classification for epilepsies in 1989, a classification which, despite some calling into question, still remains valid and useful today. Epileptology is changing, and the syndromic approaches are now complemented by an etiological approach based on the considerable progress made in genetics. A purely electro-clinical approach is no longer appropriate in many cases today. This 5th edition of the Blue Guide provides a summary of the latest developments. The structure of the book has changed slightly, giving more space to physiological, epidemiological, genetic and therapeutic approaches. Nevertheless, the description of epileptic syndromes remains at the heart of this work. The diversity of contributors – coordinators and authors – provides this book with the qualities of objectivity and seriousness which have formed the basis of its reputation for almost 30 years.