ISBN-13: 978-0595360079

Ending The Sex Wars: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men 0th Edition

by Morley Glicken (Author)

Ending The Sex Wars: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men is a book written to help women understand the sometimes strange and perplexing behavior of the men in their lives. The author, Dr. Morley Glicken is a psychotherapist, teacher, scholar, and prolific writer. He has included many stories and examples of men and women who have successfully resolved serious relationship problems, gathered from his many years of experience.Sex Wars is practical, easy to read, enlightening, funny, and always entertaining. Dr. Glicken has given women and men a simple way to understand each other. When you’ve finished Sex Wars, you will want to practice what you’ve learned with the men in your lives, and you will know a great deal more about yourself.From the Book: “The men I’ve written about are the men you will meet in your life. They often have ways of viewing life, love, and relationships that can be confusing. By understanding men, I believe you will have much more successful experiences and that you will come to know that men cherish the guidance and the sweet and tender love you give, and are much better because you are in their lives.”