ISBN-13: 978-0816053346

Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine

by Elizabeth H. Oakes

As Americans’ preoccupation with achieving optimum health and fitness grows, more and more are participating in sports and other physical activities. One unintended consequence of this has been a heightened risk of injury. Sports medicine, once the purview of college and professional athletes and their trainers, has now become a vital part of every amateur athlete’s life. This comprehensive resource presents more than 150 entries that contain valuable information suitable for the professional athlete, amateur sportsperson, and sports trainer alike. Anyone interested in learning more about the prevention and treatment of sports injuries will find The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine an invaluable tool.
Individual entries explain many specific injuries, such as ankle sprain and jumper’s knee, while extensive appendixes outline the most common injuries associated with popular sports, list safety tips and guidelines for each one, and offer advice on training programs.