ISBN 978-81-8448-434-2

Diagnostic Radiology: Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Imaging 3th Edition

by Niranjan Khandelwal

– Phenomenal technological advances and innovations in the last few years have prompted and necessitated a third series of server imaging courses and the reorgration of the accompanying book.
– Ealier chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated inducing three new chapters covering the clinical aspects of liver cirrhosis, interventional treatment of liver tumors and percutaveous non-vascular GIT interventions.
– The entire text has been divided into 2 partsgartiontertinal imaging and hepatobiolary and pancreatic imaging. Part I consists of Imaging techniques, acute abdomen, Infections, inflammation 2 neoplasm: part II contains Liver and bleary tract, pancreas, hepatic vascular diseases and Interventions.
– The importance of plain radiography and barium studies has been described in depth.
– Techniques of US CT and the potential role of MRI in evaluation of abdominal disorders have also been explicitly elaborated upon.