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ISBN: 978-93-5025-039-6

Clinical Methods in Medicine 2th Edition

by Sn Chugh

This second edition has been fully updated to provide undergraduates and trainees with the latest advances in clinical examination techniques and diagnosis.

Divided into two sections, the first part discusses history taking, systemic symptoms and physical examination of external regions of the body such as the eyes, neck, ear and nose, scalp and skin, and breast.

Section two covers systemic examination, describing techniques for investigating and diagnosing internal disorders.

The new edition concludes with comprehensive appendices covering topics such as sample collection, chemical analysis of urine, and semen analysis, as well as providing various measurement scales.

Key points

  • Fully updated, new edition presenting latest advances in clinical examination techniques
  • In depth coverage of both physical and systemic examination methods
  • Highly illustrated with more than 1250 clinical photographs, diagrams and tables
  • Previous edition published in 2009