Lung, The: Developmental Morphogenesis, Mechanobiology, And Stem Cells

by Ahmed El-hashash (Author), Eiman Abdel Meguid (Author)

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine 4th Edition

by Stephen J Chapman (Author), Grace V Robinson (Author), Rahul Shrimanker (Author), Chris D Turnbull (Author)

Clinical Tuberculosis 4th Edition

by Peter Barnes

Over three previous editions, Clinical Tuberculosis has established itself as an indispensable guide to all aspects of tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment. This fully revised and updated fourth edition provides practical guidance to healthcare professionals involved in any aspect of patient management or disease control; chapters are included on epidemiology, pathology, immunology, disease presentation, diagnosis, treatment and management options. The problem of TB associated with HIV infection is given special emphasis, as are the increasing problems of multi-drug resistant strains and environmentally opportunistic mycobacteria. Chapter authors have been hand-picked to represent the most up-to-date thinking in their particular subject areas, making Clinical Tuberculosis the essential reference work for the bookshelves of respiratory physicians, infectious disease specialists, public health workers and other individuals involved in the management and control of tuberculosis worldwide.

BMJ Clinical Review: Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine

by Babita Joyti

This volume presents a range of articles discussing significant issues in contemporary cardiology and respiratory medicine. Among the topics covered are; preparticipation screening for cardiovascular abnormalities in young competitive athletes, the investigation and management of congestive heart failure, inherited cardiomyopathies, resistant hypertension, the diagnosis and management of pulmonary hypertension, difficult to treat asthmatic conditions in adults, sarcoidosis and an overview of how asbestos exposure affects the lungs.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Medical Semiology Guide of the Respiratory System

by Manuela Stoicescu

Medical Semiology Guide of the Respiratory System provides a comprehensive understanding of medical semiology to facilitate the learning process and stimulate medical thinking in respiratory medicine. Highly illustrated, with many original images from the author’s daily medical practice, the book highlights all signs of diseases and important semiological maneuvers. Each chapter incorporates a specific questionnaire with important questions that need to be addressed in different situations to obtain valuable information to help in medical thinking and in the formulation of a diagnosis.

  • Contains comprehensive coverage of respiratory semiology for proper patient diagnosis
  • Includes original, real-world clinical cases from medical practice to help in the development and formation of medical clinical thinking
  • Contains visual and diagnostic aides in the form of original images that present rare, special situation and difficult to find diseases

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