A Short Textbook of Psychiatry: 20th Year Edition 7th Edition

by Niraj Ahuja (Author)

The short textbook of psychiatry aims to provide a brief yet comprehensive account of psychiatric disorders and their allied aspects. While striving to make the book simple and easy-to-follow, an attempt has been made to keep the book aligned to the most recent developments in classification, terminology and treatment methods.

Emergencies in Psychiatry (Emergencies In Series) 1st Edition

by Basant Puri (Author), Ian Treasaden (Author)

Emergencies in Psychiatry provides a practical and problem-orientated accessible guide for those who have to deal with psychiatric emergencies. This book contains guidance on how to assess and manage these emergencies and how to manoeuvre successfully though the practical difficulties that may

Suicide-Related Behaviour: Understanding, Caring and Therapeutic Responses Paperback – September 4, 2007

by Columba McLaughlin (Author)

The book is an attempt to make sense of suicide related behaviour in terms of understanding its aetiology and how practitioners can respond in a caring and therapeutic manner. The last 30 years the data gathered has consistently indicated that suicide is a leading cause of death in young people

NMS Psychiatry (National Medical Series for Independent Study) Sixth Edition

by Joshua T. Thornhill IV MD (Author)

Part of the National Medical Series (NMS), this book provides a quick review of clinical Psychiatry with USMLE-style (vignette) questions for self-study and assessment.  Features include 500 USMLE-style questions in vignette format, a comprehensive exam, and a convenient outline format.

Mentalizing in Child Therapy: Guidelines for Clinical Practitioners (Developments in Psychoanalysis) 1st Edition

by M.G.J. Schmeets (Author)

Mentalization-based child therapy, previously known as developmental therapy, is the latest branch on the psychoanalytic tree of knowledge. It comprises a number of techniques that address deficiencies in specific areas of psychological development. It aims to treat children whose

Psychiatry Board Review (Medical Specialty Board Review) 1st Edition

by Rajesh Tampi (Editor), Kristina Zdanys (Editor), Mark Oldham (Editor)

The field of psychiatry is evolving rapidly specifically in the areas of classification of many psychiatric disorders, psychopharmacology and psychotherapeutics. The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-5 which was introduced in 2013 forms the basis of the new

DSM-5 Guidebook: The Essential Companion to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 1st Edition

by Donald W. Black. M.D. (Author), Jon E. Grant (Author), M.D. (Author)

As a companion to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5[trademark]), the DSM-5[trademark] Guidebook serves two critical functions. First, it acts as a guide for busy clinicians in need of practical information on the use of diagnostic criteria and codes,

Essentials of Schizophrenia 1st Edition

by Jeffrey A. Lieberman (Author), T. Scott Stroup (Author), Diana O. Perkins (Author)

Schizophrenia remains a common and frequently disabling illness that poses enormous challenges for affected individuals, their families, mental health care providers, healthcare systems, and society at large. However, advances in the understanding of the causes of schizophrenia and its

Child Psychology and Psychiatry: Frameworks for Practice 2nd Edition

by David Skuse (Author), Helen Bruce (Author), Linda Dowdney (Author), David Mrazek (Author)

Written by leading clinicians and research experts in the fields of child development and psychopathology, this book is an authoritative and up to date guide for psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians and other professionals working with vulnerable children. The opening chapters outline

Revision Notes in Psychiatry, Second Edition 2nd Edition

by Basant Puri (Author), Anne Hall (Author)

Any candidate for the MRCPsych or equivalent postgraduate examinations will feel challenged by the daunting breadth of the syllabus as well as by the level of detail required. Revision Notes in Psychiatry responds to that challenge by comprehensively presenting key up-to-date information across

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