Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects 4th ed. 2017 Edition

by Sudhansu Chokroverty (Editor)

Since publication of the first edition in 1994, the second edition in 1999, and the third edition in 2009, many new advances in sleep medicine have been made and warrant a fourth edition.  This comprehensive text features 19 additional chapters and covers basic science, technical and laboratory

Rhinology: Diseases of the Nose, Sinuses, and Skull Base 1st Edition

by David Kennedy (Author), Peter H. Hwang (Author)

Drs. David Kennedy and Peter Hwang bring together the expertise of a whos who of rhinology specialists in Rhinology: Diseases of the Nose, Sinuses, and Skull Base, a major reference covering current knowledge on the pathogenesis as well as the medical and surgical management of sinonasal and

Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat 11th Edition

by Ray Clarke (Author)

Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat  New features include: • A revamped layout and structure comprising four sections: The ear, hearing and balance, The nose and sinuses, The head and neck and ENT emergencies • Additional content including facial plastic surgery, emergencies and maxillofacial trauma, and 50 brand new illustrations and images • Treatment and management now highlighted for quick reference

Neurointervention in the Medical Specialties: A Comprehensive Guide (Current Clinical Neurology) 2015th Edition

by Randall C. Edgell (Editor),‎ Sean I. Savitz (Editor),‎ John Dalfino (Editor)

Neurointervention in the Medical Specialties is a first-of-its-kind reference that serves as a bridge between the neurointerventionalist and the physicians who most frequently look to these specialists for answers to some of the most intractable problems they face.   Providing background on

Sic Otorrinolaringologia E Oftalmologia 2015


Sic Otorrinolaringologia E Oftalmologia 2015

Lymph Nodes (Demos Surgical Pathology Guide Series) 1st Edition

by Horatiu Olteanu MD PhD (Author),‎ Alexandra Harrington MD (Author),‎ Steven H. Kroft MD (Author),‎ Saul Suster MD (Series Editor)

The Demos Surgical Pathology Guides series presents in summary and visual form the basic knowledge base that every practicing pathologist needs every working day. Series volumes cover the major specialty areas of surgical pathology, and coverage emphasizes the key entities and diagnoses....

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, Third Edition (LANGE CURRENT Series) 3rd Edition

by Anil Lalwani (Author)

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Otolaryngology spans the entire breadth of ENT topics, including the latest developments in basic science, facial plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, laryngology, rhinology, pediatric otolaryngology, otology, and neurotology. This find-it-now clinician's guide includes commonly encountered as well as unusual diseases of the head and neck and is essential for board review and recertification....

Atlas of Microsurgery of the Lateral Skull Base 2nd Edition

by Mario Sanna (Author),‎ Essam A. Saleh (Author),‎ Paolo Piazza (Author),‎ Alessandra Russo (Author),‎ Abdelkader Taibah (Author),‎ Fernando Mancini (Author),‎ Tarek Khrais (Author)

In this completely revised and enlarged new edition, Professor Sanna and his team provide systematic demonstrations of the major lateral skull base approaches, drawing from 20 years of experience of the eminent Gruppo Otologico located in Piacenza, Italy.....

Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery 2nd edition Edition – Part – 2

by Hiroshi Sunose (Author),‎ Alessandra Russo (Author),‎ Abdelkader Taibah (Author),‎ Fernando Mancini (Author),‎ Mario Sanna (Author)

Based on more than 30 years' experience and over 20,000 clinical cases, the second edition of Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery presents detailed surgical management strategies for the full spectrum of otologic disorders, from decision-making and preoperative considerations to...

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