Tumors of the Sacrum: Diagnosis and Treatment of Benign and Malignant Tumors 1st ed. 2017 Edition

by Pietro Ruggieri (Editor), Andrea Angelini (Editor), Daniel Vanel (Editor), Piero Picci (Editor)

This book provides an up-to-date overview on the epidemiology, clinical presentation, and imaging characteristics of sacral tumors, discusses the available treatment options, and reports the published outcomes. The diagnostic roles of conventional radiology, CT, and MRI are thoroughly

Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Retinoblastoma 2nd ed. 2015 Edition

by Arun D. Singh (Editor), A. Linn Murphree (Editor), Bertil E. Damato (Editor)

Written by internationally renowned experts, Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology provides practical guidance and advice on the diagnosis and management of the complete range of ocular cancers. The book supplies all of the state-of-the-art knowledge required in order to identify these cancers early and to

Sellar and Parasellar Tumors: Diagnosis, Treatments, and Outcomes 1st Edition

by Edward R. Laws (Editor), Jason P Sheehan (Editor)

Focusing on the variety of pathological processes that arise in the sellar and parasellar regions of the central skull base, Sellar and Parasellar Tumors: Diagnosis, Treatments, and Outcomes is a state-of-the-art reference written by renowned leaders in the field. It takes a disease-oriented

Advances in Nutrition and Cancer (Cancer Treatment and Research) 2014th Edition

by Vincenzo Zappia (Editor), Salvatore Panico (Editor), Gian Luigi Russo (Editor),

This book comprises proceedings from the Third International Conference on Advances in Nutrition and Cancer, held in Naples in May 2012. This highly multidisciplinary meeting analyzed “nutrition and cancer” from different perspectives and on the basis of distinct and up-to-date experimental

In Vitro Bioassay Techniques for Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development 1st Edition

by Dhanya Sunil (Author), Pooja R Kamath (Author), Raghu Chandrashekhar H (Author)

This comprehensive and useful handbook represents a definitive up-to-date compendium of key in vitro bioassay methods that are employed to quantify and validate the anticancer activity of a drug candidate before it makes its way in to animal or clinical trials. In Vitro Bioassay Techniques for Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development

Mitochondria and Cancer 2009th Edition

by Keshav Singh (Editor), Leslie Costello (Editor)

Mitochondria and Cancer An exhaustive analysis of the role of mitochondria in cancer, this book surveys the Warburg Hypothesis, mitochondrial structure and function, and then outlines the metabolic and molecular alterations in mitochondria that are associated with human cancer.

Atlas of Skin Cancers: Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment Hardcover – March 15, 2011

by Ali Hendi (Author), Juan Carlos Martinez (Author)

Atlas of Skin Cancers: Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment The incidence of skin cancer has risen rapidly in recent decades, and patients often present initially to practitioners in many different specialties. Because skin cancer can vary in clinical appearance, even dermatologists may experience difficulty in reaching a clinical diagnosis. For primary care

Radical and Reconstructive Gynecologic Cancer Surgery 1st Edition

by Robert E. Bristow (Author), Dennis Chi (Author)

Radical and Reconstructive Gynecologic Cancer Surgery is the first text to encompass the full range of extirpative and reconstructive surgical procedures required to treat locally advanced and recurrent pelvic cancers. It is a unique blend of clinical best practices and a detailed surgical atlas

Harrison’s Hematology and Oncology, 2e 2nd Edition

by Dan Longo (Author)

Harrison's Hematology and Oncology Featuring a superb compilation of chapters on hematology and oncology that appear in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Eighteenth Edition, this concise, full-color clinical companion delivers the latest knowledge in the field backed by the scientific rigor and authority that have

Radiation Oncology – A Question Based Review 2nd Edition Second Edition

by Borislav Hristov (Editor), Steven H. Lin MD PhD (Editor), John P. Christodouleas MD MPH (Editor)

Radiation Oncology - A Question Based Review  Test and solidify your knowledge of radiation oncology with Radiation Oncology: A Question-Based Review. This book’s Q&A format doesn’t merely encourage rote memorization, but expounds on most answers’ reasoning, background information, and clinical context to foster your complete

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