Handbook of Vitamins 4th Edition

by Robert B. Rucker (Editor), Janos Zempleni (Editor), John W. Suttie (Editor), Donald B. McCormick (Editor)

Thoroughly revised and updated, Handbook of Vitamins highlights the recent research in vitamins and gene expression, vitamin-dependent genes, and vitamin effect on DNA stability. This fourth edition includes new chapters on vitamin-dependent modification of chromatin, analysis of vitamin

Bioactive Foods and Extracts: Cancer Treatment and Prevention

by Ronald Ross Watson (Editor), Victor R. Preedy (Editor)

Though there is considerable historical and anecdotal record for the use and efficacy of the cancer preventative properties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, modern healthcare professionals require scientific evidence and verifiable results to make defensible decisions on the benefits, risks, and value

Nutrition at a Glance

by Mary Barasi (Author)

With nutrition now recognised as a crucial part of the prevention and treatment of many human diseases and conditions, it is now more essential than ever that health studies, nursing and medical students have an understanding of the facts behind human nutrition. Nutrition at a Glance continues the

Indian Food Composition Tables

by R. Ananthan, K. Bhaskarachary & K. Venkaiah T. Longvah (Author), National Institute of Nutrition (Contributor)

This book provides detailed information on the nutrient composition of a wide range of common Indian foods available all over India. It also has a write-up on the basic aspects of human nutrition. Keeping food composition date up-to-date is a continuous challenge. This book not only provides

Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy

by Eleanor Schlenker PhD RD (Author), Joyce Ann Gilbert (Author)

From basic nutrition principles to the latest nutrition therapies for common diseases, Williams' Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Therapy, 11th Edition offers a solid foundation in the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to provide effective patient care. Authors Eleanor Schlenker

Pediatric Nutrition Handbook 6th Edition

by AAP Committee on Nutrition (Author), Ronald E. Kleinman MD FAAP (Editor)

The new sixth edition of this comprehensive and bestselling manual on pediatric nutrition has been expanded considerably to reflect new scientific insights. It provides the latest information on nutrient metabolism and nutrition to support normal development and health of infants and children

Advances in Nutrition and Cancer

by Vincenzo Zappia (Editor), Salvatore Panico (Editor), Gian Luigi Russo (Editor),

This book comprises proceedings from the Third International Conference on Advances in Nutrition and Cancer, held in Naples in May 2012. This highly multidisciplinary meeting analyzed “nutrition and cancer” from different perspectives and on the basis of distinct and up-to-date experimental

Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing: Nutrition Prescriptions for Improved Patient Outcomes 1st Ed

by Katie Ferraro (Author), Cheryl Winter (Author)

Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing As scientific evidence continues to emerge showing the underlying role nutrition and diet play in preventing and treating common health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer, there's renewed emphasis by healthcare providers on delivering individualized nutrition prescriptions

Encyclopedia of Food Safety 1st Ed

by Yasmine Motarjemi (Editor)

With the world’s growing population, the provision of a safe, nutritious and wholesome food supply for all has become a major challenge. To achieve this, effective risk management based on sound science and unbiased information is required by all stakeholders, including the food industry,

Diet and Nutrition in Critical Care 2015th Edition

by Rajkumar Rajendram (Editor), Victor R. Preedy (Editor), Vinood B. Patel (Editor)

Finding all the information necessary to treat or meet the nutritional requirements of patients who are severely ill or establish new protocols has historically been problematic. This is addressed in Diet and Nutrition in Critical Care. This major reference work encapsulates the latest treatments

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