Food Components to Enhance Performance: An Evaluation of Potential Performance-Enhancing Food Components for Operational Rations

by Institute of Medicine (Author),‎ Food and Nutrition Board (Author),‎ Committee on Military Nutrition Research (Author),‎ Bernadette M. Marriott (Editor)

The physiological or psychological stresses that employees bring to their workplace affect not only their own performance but that of their co-workers and others. These stresses are often compounded by those of the job itself. Medical personnel,...

Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology Paperback – August 2, 2014

Carl Batt Carl A. Batt

Written by the world's leading scientists and spanning over 400 articles in three volumes, the Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology, Second Edition is a complete, highly structured guide to current knowledge in the field. Fully revised and updated...

Essential Microbiology 1st Edition

by Stuart Hogg (Author)

Essential Microbiology is a comprehensive introductory text aimed at students taking a first course in the subject. Covering all aspects of microbiology, it describes the structure and function of microbes before considering....

Environmental Microbiology: Fundamentals and Applications: Microbial Ecology 2015th Edition

by Jean-Claude Bertrand (Editor),‎ Pierre Caumette (Editor),‎ Philippe Lebaron (Editor),‎ Robert Matheron (Editor),‎ Philippe Normand (Editor),‎ Télesphore Sime-Ngando (Editor)

This book is a treatise on microbial ecology that covers traditional and cutting-edge issues in the ecology of microbes in the biosphere. It emphasizes on study tools, microbial taxonomy and the fundamentals of microbial activities...

Applied Dairy Microbiology, Second Edition (Food Science and Technology) 2nd Edition

by Elmer H. Marth (Editor),‎ James Steele (Editor)

This thoroughly revised and updated reference provides comprehensive coverage of the latest developments and scientific advances in dairy microbiology―emphasizing probiotics, fermented dairy products, disease prevention,....

Oral Lipid-Based Formulations: Enhancing the Bioavailability of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences) 1st Edition

by David J. Hauss (Editor)

Oral lipid-based formulations are attracting considerable attention due to their capacity to facilitate gastrointestinal absorption and reduce or eliminate the effect of food on the absorption of poorly water-soluble, lipophilic drugs....

Pharmaceutical Emulsions and Suspensions: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences) 1st Edition

by Françoise Nielloud (Author)

Analyzes construction of experiments, focusing on variables, models, matrices, and reproducibility. This timely reference systematically examines the basic concepts and theoretical issues, methodologies...

Excipient Toxicity and Safety (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences) 1st Edition

by Myra L. Weiner (Author),‎ Lois A. Kotkoskie (Author)

This book reviews the history, regulatory status, pharmacopeial specifications, and harmonization of pharmaceutical excipients in the United States and Europe, and provides a comprehensive understanding of the current scientific basis for safety...

Good Laboratory Practice Regulations, Second Edition (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2nd Edition

by Sandy Weinberg (Editor)

This work covers all aspects of the Food and Drug Administration's Good Laboratory Practice relgulations and techniques for implementation. This edition includes general knowledge on computer system validation, details on implementing GIPs...

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