Food Safety and Foodborne Disease Surveillance Systems: Proceedings of an Iranian-American Workshop

by Food and Agriculture Organization (Author),‎ World Health Organization

In October 2004 the Research Center for Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases of Shaheed Beheshti University hosted in Tehran an Iranian-American workshop on Food Safety and Surveillance Systems for Foodborne Diseases. The purposes of the workshop were to initiate contacts between Iranian

The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan Paperback – May 21, 2007

by Monica Reinagel (Author)

The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan  The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan will help you achieve your ideal weight--without fad dieting--while also reducing pain and allergies, slowing the aging process, and dramatically reducing your risk for dozens of medical problems. This flexible, easy-to-follow program is the ideal nutritional

Vitamins and Minerals Demystified Paperback – September 25, 2007

by Steve Blake (Author)

Encapsulating the science behind vitamins and minerals. Need to understand how vitamins and minerals work but find dense texts difficult to absorb? Here's your panacea! Vitamins & Minerals Demystified makes it easy to digest information on everything from A to zinc.

The DASH Diet for Hypertension Hardcover – October 9, 2001

by Mark Jenkins (Author),‎ Thomas Moore (Author)

The DASH Diet for Hypertension, recommended by the American Heart Association, has been shown in studies to lower blood pressure in two weeks without the use of drugs. The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy; includes

Multiple Sclerosis: Etiology, Diagnosis, and New Treatment Strategies (Current Clinical Neurology) 2005th Edition

by Michael Olek (Editor)

Multiple Sclerosis: Etiology, Diagnosis, and New Treatment Strategies A synthesis of current concepts about the evaluation, treatment, and future directions in MS. On the evaluation side, the authors review the use of MRI, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, functional MRI, and three-dimensional MRI, and consider the rapidly developing body of pathologic

The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook Paperback – December 22, 2009

by Cybele Pascal (Author)

The number of people with food allergies is skyrocketing, leaving puzzled cooks and anxious parents eager to find recipes for “normal” foods that are both safe and delicious. The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook features 100 tried-and-true recipes that are completely free of all ingredients

Encyclopedia of Foods: A Guide to Healthy Nutrition Hardcover – December 13, 2001

by Experts from Dole Food Company (Editor),‎ Experts from The Mayo Clinic (Editor),‎ Experts from UCLA Center for H (Editor)

The Encyclopedia of Foods: A Guide to Healthy Nutrition is a definitive resource for what to eat for maximum health as detailed by medical and nutritional experts. This book makes the connection between health, disease, and the food we eat.....

Art Therapy and Eating Disorders 1st Edition

by Mury Rabin (Author)

Art Therapy and Eating Disorders is a step-by-step approach to a new and extremely promising technique for treating people with eating disorders―children as well as adults, male and female sufferers alike―that has proven to be a crucial aid to identification, prevention, and....

Anthocyanins in Health and Disease 1st Edition

by Taylor C. Wallace (Editor),‎ M. Monica Giusti (Editor)

Anthocyanins, polyphenolic compounds abundant in certain foods, are responsible for the orange-red to blue-violet hues evident in many fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, and flowers. Interest in these pigments has intensified due to their potential health-promoting properties as dietary....

Diet and the Aetiology of Cancer (ESO Monographs) Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989 Edition

by Anthony B. Miller (Editor)

The European School of Oncology came into existence to respond to a need for information, education and training in the field of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. There are two main reasons why such an initiative was considered necessary. Firstly, the teaching of oncology....

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