Vestibular Migraine 2015th Edition

by Stephen Wetmore (Editor),‎ Allan Rubin (Editor)

Vestibular Migraine is a concise monograph that presents the scientific basis for the diagnosis and treatment of this common yet largely unrecognized cause of dizziness. Current knowledge of the features of the condition is described, and clear guidance is provided on the differentiation of vestibular

Nursing Practice in Multiple Sclerosis: A Core Curriculum

by Kathleen Costello (Author),‎ Karen John Andreola (Author),‎ June Halper (Author)

Nursing is a critical element in meeting the multiple needs of the multiple sclerosis (MS) patient and family. MS nurses have evolved from home-based care providers giving support to the disabled person to certified MS nurses and advanced practice nurses who must be well educated in the

Neuropsychiatric Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis 2012th Edition

by Ugo Nocentini (Editor),‎ Carlo Caltagirone (Editor),‎ Gioacchino Tedeschi (Editor)

This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the neuropsychiatric disturbances that may be experienced by patients with multiple sclerosis. The first section is designed primarily to describe the general clinical aspects of multiple sclerosis, from epidemiology to

Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple (MedMaster Series, 2000 Edition) 2nd Edition

by Stephen Goldberg (Author)

Univ. of Miami, FL. Helps medical students rapidly master that part of neuroanatomy that is essential to clinical care. Covers general organization, blood supply, meninges and spinal fluid, spinal cord, brain stem, visual system, autonomic system and hypothalamus, cerebellum, basal ganglia and

BRS Neuroanatomy (Board Review Series) Fourth Edition

by James D. Fix (Author)

BRS Neuroanatomy  Designed primarily for medical and dental students preparing for the USMLE Step 1 and other examinations, this book presents the essentials of human neuroanatomy in a succinct outline format with abundant illustrations. Over 600 USMLE-style questions with complete answers and

Multiple Sclerosis: Answers at Your Fingertips Paperback – September 1, 2009

by Ian Robinson (Author),‎ Frank Clifford Rose (Author)

Multiple Sclerosis: Answers at Your Fingertips Multiple sclerosis is a complex and unpredictable neurological disease usually diagnosed in early adulthood. It can affect any part of the brain and spinal cord and the symptoms can vary widely in type and severity. For many people the most disabling aspect of MS is uncertainty about the future

Multiple Sclerosis and CNS Inflammatory Disorders (Neurology in Practice) 1st Edition

by Lawrence M. Samkoff (Editor),‎ Andrew D. Goodman (Editor)

Multiple Sclerosis and CNS Inflammatory Disorders Multiple Sclerosis and CNS Inflammatory Disorders is a practical guide to effective care of patients with multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmunologic and CNS inflammatory disorders. It provides the scientific basis of multiple sclerosis including etiology, epidemiology, and

Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis and Therapy 1st Edition

by Howard L. Weiner (Editor),‎ James M. Stankiewicz (Editor)

Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis and Therapy Designed for both neurologists and non-neurologists, Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis and Therapy takes a practical approach to the most current principles of diagnosis and management of this complex disease. Editors and authors from Harvard Medical School have contributed

Multiple Sclerosis: Current Status and Strategies for the Future 1st Edition

by Institute of Medicine (Author),‎ Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health (Author),‎

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and often disabling disease of the nervous system, affecting about 1 million people worldwide. Even though it has been known for over a hundred years, no cause or cure has yet been discovered-but now there is hope. New therapies have been shown to slow the disease

Current Treatment Challenges and Emerging Therapies in Parkinson’s Disease (Neurologic Clinics, Volume 22, Number 3S) Hardcover – 2004

by Robert A; Pahwah, Rajesh (editors); Dewey, Richard; Wellsh, Mickie; Lyon Hauser (Author)

Current Treatment Challenges and Emerging Therapies in Parkinson's Disease

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