Infectious Disease

Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular Techniques 1st Edition

by Kevin Kavanagh (Editor)

Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular techniques is aclear and concise overview of the subject that details thetechniques essential for ongoing research in the area. Drawingtogether contributions from both scientists and clinicians workingin the field, the text will provide a valuable perspective

ENT Infections: An Atlas of Investigation and Management 1st Edition

by Vinidh Paleri (Author), John Hill (Author)

An atlas that provides an illustrated guide to the investigation, diagnosis and management of infectious diseases of the ear, nose and throat. It presents an overview of the microbiology of ENT infections, describing the main infective organisms, and the tests by which the presence of bacterial, viral, fungal and other infections can be confirmed.

Human Diseases from Wildlife 1st Edition

by Michael R. Conover (Author), Rosanna M. Vail (Author)

Human Diseases from Wildlife presents information on the most prevalent and serious zoonotic diseases in the US and Canada, some of which have been national headline news like anthrax, influenza, and West Nile virus. Diseases that are caused by pathogens with the ability to infect both

Bacterial and Bacteriophage Genetics 5th Edition

by Edward A. Birge (Author)

Genetic investigations and manipulations of bacteria and bacteriophage have made vital contributions to our basic understanding of living cells and to the development of molecular biology and biotechnology. This volume is a survey of the genetics of bacteria and their viruses, and it provides students

Cytokines and Chemokines in Infectious Diseases Handbook Hardcover – Import, 3 Mar 2003

by Malak Kotb (Editor), Thierry Calandra (Editor)

A comprehensive review of what is known about the role of cytokines and chemokines in a variety of human infectious diseases, including gram-negative and -positive infections, listeriosis, mycobacterial infections, lyme arthritis, pneumonia, fungal infections, HIV, leishmaniasis, and sepsis.

Basic Laboratory Methods in Medical Parasitology Paperback – April 1, 1991

by World Health Organization (Author)

Basic Laboratory Methods in Medical Parasitology

Atlas of Medical Parasitology

Shiba Kumar Rai

Atlas of Medical Parasitology

Viral Infections in Children, Volume II 1st ed. 2017 Edition

by Robin J. Green (Editor)

This second one of a two volume set will be of interest to medical microbiologists, practitioners, medical students and other health care providers who are engaged in management and treatment of pediatric viral infections. New evidence on topics related to better clinical management of patients is

Parasites and Infectious Disease: Discovery by Serendipity and Otherwise 1st Edition

by Gerald Esch (Author)

This series of entertaining essays provides a unique insight into some of the key discoveries that have shaped the field of parasitology. Based on interviews with 18 of the world's leading parasitologists and epidemiologists, the stories of their contributions to discovery in contemporary

Medical Mycology: Current Trends and Future Prospects 1st Edition

by Mehdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh (Editor), Masoomeh Shams-Ghahfarokhi (Editor), Mahendra Rai (Editor)

The identification of medically important fungi has been an important area of study that warrants further extensive research. The use oftraditional and molecular methods of identification, provides new insights into differentiation of species and ultimately the line of treatment can be determined.

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