Toxins and Hemostasis: From Bench to Bedside 2011th Edition

by R. Manjunatha Kini (Editor), Kenneth J Clemetson (Editor), Francis S. Markland (Editor), Mary Ann McLane (Editor), Takashi Morita (Editor)

Circulation of blood is vital for the survival of vertebrates, including man. Mainly, it plays an important role in carrying food nutrients and oxygen to every tissue and organ and in removing all waste products and carbon dioxide. Any imbalance in the hemostatic and cardiovascular systems can lead

The Genetic Basis of Haematological Cancers 1st Edition

by Sabrina Tosi (Editor), Alistair G. Reid (Editor)

The Genetic Basis of Haematological Cancers reviews the etiology and significance of genetic and epigenetic defects that occur in malignancies of the haematopoietic system. Some of these chromosomal and molecular aberrations are well established and already embedded in clinical management,

Hematology and Coagulation: A Comprehensive Review for Board Preparation, Certification and Clinical Practice 1st Edition

by Amer Wahed (Author), Amitava Dasgupta PhD DABCC (Author)

Hematology and Coagulation is a clear and easy-to-read presentation of core topics and detailed case studies that illustrate the application of hematopathology knowledge to everyday patient care. In order to be successful, as well as to pass the American Board of Pathology examination, all

Stem Cells (Health and Medical Issues Today) 1st Edition

by Evelyn B. Kelly Ph.D. (Author)

Every day, newspapers and television news programs present stories on the latest controversies over healthcare and medical advances, but they do not have the space to provide detailed background on the issues. Websites and weblogs provide information from activists and partisans intent on

Haematology in Critical Care: A Practical Handbook 1st Edition

by Jecko Thachil (Author), Quentin Hill (Author)

This will be a practical handbook for use in a clinical ICUsetting for information on diagnosis and clinical management ofhaematological disease in critical care. There are currently nobooks on the market that significantly address haematology incritical care – all ICU based books have a broader

Manual of Clinical Hematology (Lippincott Manual Series (Formerly known as the Spiral Manual Series)) Third Edition

by Joseph J. Mazza (Author)

Completely revised for its Third Edition, this Spiral(R) Manual is a practical quick-reference guide for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood. Coverage includes leukemias, disorders of lymph nodes, bleeding disorders, anemias, and platelet disorders. The book is organized by disease

Haematology Nursing 1st Edition

by Marvelle Brown (Editor), Tracey Cutler (Editor)

Haematology Nursing is a comprehensive handbook, with a nursing focus, on the care and management of patients with haematological disorders. Divided into four sections, the first provides an introduction to haematology, looking at haemopoiesis, immunology and genetics. Section Two covers

Anticoagulation Therapy

by Ozcan Basaran (Editor), Murat Biteker (Editor)

The available parenteral and oral anticoagulants have a large clinical use. Understanding biochemistry of anticoagulants may help to improve therapeutic strategies. Resistance to vitamin K antagonist drugs might be a problem for rodent populations. Patients who have thrombogenic risk




Clinical Laboratory Hematology (2nd Edition) 2nd Edition

by Shirlyn B. McKenzie Ph.D. CLS (NCA) (Author)

Designed to meet the needs of both clinical laboratory technicians and clinical laboratory scientists,   CLINICALLABORATORY HEMATOLOGY   has been updated into a brand new edition. This comprehensive--yet easy to read--guide to hematology and hemostasis features

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