Biology & Biotechnology

Advanced Biosignal Processing 2009th Edition

by Amine Nait-Ali (Editor)

Through 17 chapters, this book presents the principle of many advanced biosignal processing techniques. After an important chapter introducing the main biosignal properties as well as the most recent acquisition techniques, it highlights five...

Molecular and Cellular MR Imaging 1st Edition

by Michel M.J. Modo (Editor),‎ Jeff W.M. Bulte (Editor)

The ability of molecular and cellular imaging to track the survival, migration, and differentiation of cells in vivo as well as monitor particular gene expression in living subjects is rapidly moving from the research laboratory into daily clinical settings....

Human Adult Stem Cells (Human Cell Culture) 2009th Edition

by John Masters (Editor),‎ Bernhard Ø Palsson (Editor)

The aim of volume 7 of Human Cell Culture is to provide clear and precise methods for growing primary cultures of adult stem cells from various human tissues and describe culture conditions in which these adult stem cells differentiate....

CT of the Heart: Principles and Applications (Contemporary Cardiology) 2005th Edition

by U. Joseph Schoepf (Editor)

The introduction of fast ECG-synchronized computed tomography (CT) techniques enables imaging of the heart with a combination of speed and spatial resolution unparalleled by other noninvasive imaging modalities....

Lung and Heart-Lung Transplantation (Lung Biology in Health and Disease) Hardcover – May 1, 2006

by Joseph P. Lynch (Editor), David J. Ross (Editor)

A comprehensive review of clinical and exploratory aspects of lung (LT) and heart-lung transplantation (HLT), this reference focuses on cumulative data from the International Registry with data on outcomes associated with LT and HLT worldwide.

Biomarkers in Heart Disease 1st Edition

by James de Lemos (Editor)

Biomarkers in Heart Disease is the first title in the AHA Clinical Series and is aimed at meeting the needs of clinicians, providing cardiologists, internists, emergency physicians, laboratorians, and other healthcare providers...

Handbook of Cardiovascular Cell Transplantation Kindle Edition

by Patrick W Serruys (Author), Nicholas Kipshidze (Editor), Patrick W. Serruys (Editor)

The Nuts and Bolts of Cardiac Pacing (Nuts and Bolts Series (Replaced by 5113)) 2nd Edition

by Tom Kenny (Author)

There are millions of pacemaker patients in the world and this number is increasing. It is not unusual for these patients to be cared for by clinicians with no formal training in cardiac rhythm management devices...

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