Clinical Anaesthesia 4th Edition

Carl L. Gwinnutt (Author)

Miller’s Anesthesia Review 3rd Edition

by Lorraine M Sdrales MD (Author), Ronald D. Miller MD MS (Author)

ERS Practical Handbook of Invasive Mechanical Ventilation

by Leo Heunks (Editor), Marcus J. Schultz (Editor)

Miller’s Anesthesia Review 3th Edition

by Lorraine M Sdrales MD (Author)

Encompassing all anesthesia topics from basic to advanced,Miller's Anesthesia Review, 3rd Edition, by Drs. Lorraine M. Sdrales and Ronald D. Miller, is an ideal study guide to assess your knowledge and deepen your understanding. This easy-to-use resource is conveniently cross-referenced to the newest edition of Miller & Pardo:Basics of Anesthesia.Hundreds of questions cover everything from physiologic and pharmacologic principles through anesthetic machine systems, anesthetic delivery in a variety of settings, and anesthesia administration for a full range of disease states.

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