ISBN: 9780367419813

Biochemical Parameters and the Nutritional Status of Children: Novel Tools for Assessment

Anil Gupta (Author)

Biochemical parameters represent better, precise, and objective tools toward the assessment of the nutritional status of children in comparison to anthropometric, clinical, and dietary methods. They constitute laboratory tests to estimate the concentration of circulating nutrients in body fluids. Biochemical parameters are suggestive of acute or subclinical conditions when other methods of nutritional assessment fail to interpret the condition. These parameters exhibit substantial variability in their reproducibility. Moreover, these parameters are novel tools in the hands of clinicians for screening of the nutritional status of children.

Key Features

    • Covers the latest biochemical parameters for nutritional assessment
    • Updated content is useful for clinicians, nutritionists, and general practitioners
    • A unique and concise treatise covering descriptive and research-based work on a crucial health issue of worldwide prevalence

About the Author

Anil Gupta, PhD, is the Dean of Research at Desh Bhagat University and Professor and Head, Department of Physiology and Biochemistry at Desh Bhagat Dental College and Hospital, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, India.