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ISBN: 978-93-5152-437-3

Advanced Cardiovascular Medicine

by Ashok Seth

Advanced Cardiovascular Medicinepresents the latest advances in cardiology, covering all subspecialties including congenital heart disease, left main disease, heart failure, conservative medical therapy, surgical cardiology and much more. It is a comprehensive guide to this rapidly developing field of medicine.

The book helps students and practitioners comprehend the indications for cardiovascular diseases, the techniques of diagnoses and treatments, and the practical application and interpretation of cardiovascular computed tomography, echocardiography, radiography and nuclear imaging. It discusses in detail, surgical techniques for the treatment of acquired and congenital heart diseases, and vascular diseases of the aorta.

Advanced Cardiovascular Medicineplaces emphasis on technological advances which have improved the quality of surgical interventions in order to achieve better outcomes, making this book essential reading for both trainee and practising cardiologists.

Key Points

  • Emphasis on recent advances in a rapidly developing field
  • Brings to light ethical issues surrounding medical practice and their medico-legal implications
  • 800 pages of detailed, comprehensive instruction
  • Full colour illustrations throughout